"Growth with Appointment and Honor"

Our History


Cromaster initiated operations in 1999, in Vila Jaguara, São Paulo, Brazil, offering high quality products and excellent service.

Quickly, Cromaster expanded and had more recognition, gaining importance at masterbach segment.


Currently it is located in São Paulo West Zone, occupying an area of 5,000 m2, offering wide structure, high technology equipment, skilled staff and professionals with over than 30 years of experience in production and marketing marterbaches.


Thus, Cromaster has been writing its history with commitment and honor, transmitting ideals to our employees, customers, partners and society.





Cromaster offers a wide portfolio of products for coloring and additive thermoplastics.


It operates focused on developing customized projects (Tailor Made) to the client. To achieve it, we have trained people and qualified laboratory to response expectations and demands of the adapted market.


Cromaster also objects to contribute with technological growth of the company, subsidizing for the creation of new jobs and new professional opportunities.



"Custom-made projects"

Management Policy



  • Prioritize continuously our employees‘ welfare to generate new opportunities and contribute to their personal and professional growth;

  • Attend to customers’ requirements and expectations, always surprising them;

  • Prevent damages to the environment and to people’s health, preserving the physical integrity of man;

  • Encouraging all employees to have  sense of responsibility and prevention of risks associated to popular activities;

  • Look for competitiveness;

  • Seek appropriate return on invested capital;

  • Promote continuous improvement of performance, through a plan of objectives and goals, considering customer expectations, environmental characteristics and risks arising from its activities.




"Surprising and exceeding customer expectations"


Quality Policy



• Address customers’ real needs and market where it operates;


• Attempt for excellence in production of Cromaster products and services through continuous internal processes improvement;


• Capacity human resources to achieve the company's needs;


• Work to reduce products and processes costs through enhancing their competitiveness in the sectors in that it operates;


• Seek strong partnerships with suppliers and customers;


• Promote a good working environment to Cromaster’s employees, customers and suppliers;


• Exercise growth reconciling activities with respect for the environment.

"Improvement continuously"




• Disseminate to workforces the concept of preservation and respect for the environment;


• Comply with legal and regulatory requirements to implement company goals without causing any damage or bad impact to the environment;


• Reduce and reuse discarded and industrial scrap, motivating recycling programs;


• Reuse water in activities practiced in manufacturing process;


• Conduct programs of garbage separation and selective waste collect;




"Preservation and Respect"






Rua Pierre Lafage, nº 122

Vila Jaraguá CEP 05163-060 - São Paulo - SP




Phone.: (+55) 11 3465 4664


E-mail: cromaster@cromaster.com.br




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